Villanova students buzzing during Sweet 16 game

Villanova students are buzzing as the Wildcats take on Baylor during Saturday's Sweet 16 game in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

Video Transcript

- Villanova men's basketball team dancing in the Sweet 16 today. Now COVID restrictions limited the in-person crowd, but that is not stopping Nova Nation from cheering on the Cats. Action News reporter Jaclyn Lee joins us live from campus with much more. Jaclyn?

JACLYN LEE: Well Walter, we had a double whammy today. You had the absolutely gorgeous weather, then you have all of this school spirit you can see behind me because students are so excited to watch this tournament go down. Now you can see hundreds of students out on the field watching the wide screen TVs. And then, of course, you have band members. We had cheerleaders as well as dance team members out here earlier today.

Villanova students are buzzing as they take on Baylor in tonight's Sweet 16.

STEPHEN WICKWIRE: Not sure what our chances are against Baylor. They're pretty good.

SAM COOVER: This team, you don't really know what's going to happen when you go into the game. But I think a lot of people are doubting us, and I think a lot of-- Yeah, all odds are against us, but that's what we love. An underdog story is how we've won most of our tournaments.

JACLYN LEE: So combine the warm weather with their excitement and abnormal school year, and you get long lines to get inside bars to watch the game.

OLIVIA WHYTOSEK: Haven't gotten to this level in a really long time. And we've been, I think, like locked up for a while. So I think a lot of people just wanted to come out and show some school spirit, and be together one last time for senior year.

MCKENZIE STEVENS-SIMON: Gotten kind of out of control and it's bad. I feel like there should have been more restrictions, like maybe barriers, or someone to be outside for crowd management.

JACLYN LEE: But the pandemic has made this year a difficult one. Many students are still living on campus, but doing hybrid learning. But it's not stopping students from holding out hope that they'll move on to the next round.

DANIEL FEDOROVSKY: I think Villanova has the ability to surprise everyone. So I think that we have the ability to keep going, even though the odds are against us.

JACLYN LEE: And a lot of students are just excited to be out and about, enjoying this college experience given the pandemic. Now we spoke with students and asked them, OK, do you actually think you're going to beat Baylor? Many of them said they acknowledge that it's difficult to win, but they think that it is possible, that Villanova often overcomes the odds. That's the latest here in Villanova, Jaclyn Lee, Channel 6 Action News. Walter?

- Sounds good. All right. Thank you, Jaclyn.