Vince Vaughn embodies a teen girl for ‘Freaky’

Vince Vaughn said portraying a teen in "Freaky" took a team effort. (Oct. 29)

Video Transcript

- Where am I?

- I didn't get killed.

- Oh my god, why do I sound like that?

- I woke up in the killer's body.


- The Blissfield Butcher strikes again.


- Don't freak out.


VINCE VAUGHN: I think you really just be present with the scene and with the actors. Kathryn was really my partner in it. I mean, I sort of watched, you know, girls that were age appropriate, and I have nieces that age, and you sort of build out the character. So much good work was done in the screenplay with relating an understanding to someone that age who's kind of trying to find themselves and find their self-confidence, so. But having Kathryn, we sort of built out both of the characters together and would give each other good ideas. So she made my job very easy.

KATHRYN NEWTON: Really, you know, how do you prepare to be a serial killer? You just can't. I think it was way harder to be Millie, honestly. But-- so we just collaborated together. I got so many ideas from Vince. That's what I love about horror films. A lot of it isn't, you know, it's not dialogue driven. The audience is ahead of the killer or the victim, and you're pulled in through that. So I had a lot of fun just using my body to tell the story. You know, it's different. It's just a different kind of storytelling. I also love not having to memorize any lines. It's pretty much the easiest, most fun job ever.