Vince Young and Texas win Rose Bowl in 2006

View in augmented reality Vince Young and Texas beat USC in one of the most memorable college football games of all time.

Video Transcript

- In 2006, the Texas Longhorns trailed the defending champion USC Trojans 38 to 33. It was fourth in five, and if Texas failed the score the next play, the game was over. So Longhorns head coach Mack Brown called for 928 Sneak. 928 Sneak was designed to give quarterback Vince Young three different receiving targets, and when he scanned the field, none of them were open. But the play was also designed to give Young an option to run. And when the Trojans flushed him from the pocket, that's exactly what he did. The Texas tailback was able to throw a nice block, and once Vince Young saw that, he knew he had all the space he needed. He took off for the end zone and behind one more block, snuck inside a right pylon delivering Texas its first national championship in 35 years.