Shootings leave 114 dead in Myanmar

At least 114 people have been killed across Myanmar after security forces opened fire on protesters.

Video Transcript

SIOBHAN ROBBINS: Shot in the eye with a suspected rubber bullet, a baby too young to speak.


SIOBHAN ROBBINS: But that's no protection from military violence in Myanmar. You can see the terror on the family's faces. While their baby is alive, today the parents of other children are mourning. Myanmar's army has continued to slaughter its people, turning the country's weapons against them.


Weapons it today paraded in the capital as the junta celebrated Armed Forces Day.


SIOBHAN ROBBINS: The general in charge warned violent acts affect stability, and promised to protect the people and strive for democracy. The same democracy, which was crushed by the coup he led. The same people, which his security forces are now killing.

Disgusted by the bloodshed, the chief of one of the country's rebel armies in Shan State issued a stark warning to the military.


SIOBHAN ROBBINS: Is that a warning?


SIOBHAN ROBBINS: Horrified by the mounting death toll, the UN and countries, including Britain, again denounced the violence. But after almost two months of killing, the pressure for urgent intervention is growing. Siobhan Robbins, Sky News, Bangkok.