Violent Night Leaves Several Injured

Three shootings occurred in just a four-hour period throughout the Pittsburgh area on Thursday. The shootings left several people injured, including a six-year-old girl. Police are looking for answers and suspects. KDKA's Briana Smith has the story.

Video Transcript

- And all of that follows an already violent night in the Pittsburgh area, as several other people were hurt by gunfire. One outside Children's Hospital in Lawrenceville, and then another shooting in Homewood left a six-year-old girl in critical condition. And a third in the city's East Hills neighborhood. So we are bringing you the newest developments on all of these this morning.

- And Briana Smith is outside Pittsburgh Police Headquarters to break down the details. Briana, I know a lot of people are thinking about that little six-year-old.

BRIANA SMITH: Definitely, Heather. And unfortunately, there is a lot to uncover here. Now, the shootings happened within a four-hour period. And now there are four victims.

Let's start [INAUDIBLE] Children's Hospital around 10:30 last night. Now, Pittsburgh Police say there was a large fight outside of the hospital, and two people were hurt. One man was shot several times and was taken to the hospital in critical [INAUDIBLE]. The second man noticed he was shot after returning home, and is in stable condition.

Then, just hours before, around 6:20 PM last night, Pittsburgh Police responded to a victim in Homewood on Frankstown Avenue. That's where they found a six-year-old girl injured in an SUV.

MAURICE MATTHEWS: When officers arrived, they found a juvenile female in a vehicle with a gunshot wound to the chest. Officers were able to get that victim out of the vehicle and render aid until medics arrived. Medics then transported that victim to a local hospital in critical condition. Shouldn't have to be a city official to know that that is heartbreaking that a six-year-old was shot.

BRIANA SMITH: Officers say the driver was not hurt. And investigators are trying to figure out where it actually happened and why. And then there was another shooting in East Hills on East Hills Drive. Police responded around 8:15 last night. And while on scene, they were told that a man arrived to the hospital with a shot to his lower body.

As of now, no one has been charged in any of these cases. Pittsburgh Police are still looking for suspects and investigating. You're asked to contact police if you have any information. Reporting outside Pittsburgh Police Headquarters, Briana Smith, KDKA News.

- All right, a lot to cover there. Thank you, Briana.