Violent Weekend Across Philadelphia

Howard Monroe reports.

Video Transcript

- It has been another violent weekend in the city of Philadelphia. And police are now investigating multiple acts of violence throughout the city. Eyewitness News reporter Howard Monroe is live at police headquarters for us this morning to bring us up to speed. Howard.

HOWARD MONROE: Jan, we have seven victims who were either shot or stabbed overnight. One of those victims, in the words the police, is hanging on to life.

A man in his 20s is hanging on to life. Police say he was shot multiple times overnight on Loudon Street and Logan. He was taken to Einstein Hospital and is listed in critical condition.

Also, in North Philly, three people are recovering after a shooting on Dauphin Street. The shooting happened in the middle of the afternoon just before 3:00 PM. All the victims are recovering at Temple University Hospital.

A 33-year-old man was pronounced dead at Temple University Hospital. He was shot and killed just before 9:00 PM on Silver Street in Kensington. Police also responded to a barricade situation. It happened on Shelton Avenue just after 7:30.

One woman was killed. Two men were stabbed multiple times and are recovering at Einstein Hospital. After locking himself in a house, the suspect was eventually arrested.

Now as for the other incidents, no one has been arrested. So far this year, 169 people have been killed here in the city. That's 33% higher than this time last year. Live at police headquarters, Howard Monroe, CBS 3 Eyewitness News.

- All right, Howard, thanks so much. Meantime--