Viral TikTok reveals a $6 product that fixes all the holes in your walls in seconds

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Did you just move into a new home? Are you getting ready to move out of your current home? Or perhaps you’re just tired of looking at that little hole in the wall where your ex’s photo used to hang. Whatever the impetus might be, repairing holes in drywall can be a daunting task for many people. Even if the hole is tiny from a nail or a screw, most people simply don’t have any experience with repairs like this. Instead, they might rely on a painter or a handyman/woman to take care of the issue for them. There’s nothing wrong with that if it’s the route you choose to take, but paying someone else to handle your home repairs can get pretty pricey. Even if it’s something small like patching a nail hole and then painting a small area, you still have to pay for that professional’s time.

Rather than potentially paying someone over $100 to fill a few small holes in a room, what if you could pay $6 to patch up every single nail hole and screw hole in your entire house? Behold — or, should I say de-holed (sorry 😞) — the 3M High Strength Small Hole Repair All in One Applicator Tool. We found it when it recently went viral on TikTok and is currently on sale for just $5.98 at Amazon!

A TikTok user who goes by Renaenaa recently posted a video that has now been viewed and liked millions upon millions of times. Needless to say, that’s about as viral as you can get. The video showcases a wonderfully simple product that lets pretty much anyone repair small holes in their drywall in a matter of minutes.

Check out the TikTok below to see how easy it is to use the 3M High Strength Small Hole Repair All in One Applicator Tool.


For small wall holes from anchors or screws this stuff is a must have! #tictokmademedoit #diy #doityourself #fixit #fix#lifehack #lifehacks #momshit

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As you can clearly see in the video, it couldn’t be any simpler to use this tool for small hole repairs in any wall. As a matter of fact, there are only three steps to using the Small Hole Repair Tool!

First, you’ll need to take a hammer and lightly tap the hole so that any protruding bits of drywall get pushed into the wall. Next, squeeze a tiny amount of the spackling compound into the hole. Now flip the tool around and use the flattened edge to softly scrape the wall, thus flattening out the spackle. Now, wait a short while for it to dry, and use the sander that’s built right into the cap to sand down the spackle a bit. That’s it! Now you’re ready to tap a paintbrush to the wall a few times to conceal the repair.

The 3M High Strength Small Hole Repair All in One Applicator Tool is a brilliant Amazon find. Everyone should have one on hand in their house or apartment at all times. This is the kind of tool that’s always going to coming in handy — and it’s on sale right now at Amazon for just $5.98!

Here are some bullet points that cover all the key details:

  • Repair small holes in any wall three times faster than using traditional vinyl spackle

  • Works perfectly for nail holes, screw holes, nicks, and indentations

  • Also works on larger hols up to 3 inches in diameter

  • 3M’s primer-enhanced spackling compound works great in any home and resists flashing of paint

  • You won’t experience any shrinking, cracking, or sagging after making repairs

  • Get professional-looking results that firmly hold screws and nails after repair

  • For interior or exterior use

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