This viral TikTok shows just how rich Jeff Bezos really is

A TikTok user is sparking outrage online after using a creative experiment to demonstrate just how wealthy the world’s richest man really is. Humphrey Yang, a personal finance vlogger shared a video of the jarring illustration . The TikTok, which has since been viewed more than 500,000 times, uses grains of rice to show the fortune of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Yang’s viral clip features several stages of wealth, with corresponding rice counts for each amount. First, he uses one grain of rice to represent $100,000, adding 10,000 of those together to show what $1 billion looks like by comparison. Then, Yang uses a scale to measure 122 times that amount, showing the $122 billion fortune that he estimates as Bezos’ total net worth. The shocking reveal, in which Yang dumps a massive pile of rice onto a tarp, drew the ire of several Twitter users... who were frustrated to see just how wealthy the super-rich really are. Estimations of Bezos’ wealth can fluctuate by several billion dollars every month, meaning Yang’s estimation might not be completely accurate. But it’s very close: The 56-year-old had a net worth of $116 billion as of March 2, according to Bloomberg. Bezos’ fortune is so inconceivably large that it’s even sparked a viral game, called “You Are Jeff Bezos” . The game, available online, allows users to “spend” the tech entrepreneur’s wealth in as many unusual ways as they want