Viral video of China's driving test amazes netizens

Showing a car weaving through white lines and circles, a viral video showing a purported driver’s license exam in China has left Twitter users baffled and amazed.

Uploaded by Twitter user @TansuYegen, a frequent reposter of viral videos, the video shows a car driving through a winding path that features zigzags, parking spots, backwards driving and figure eights.

In awe of the purported driving exam, a user compared the video to the “Fast and Furious” movie franchise.

Other Twitter users compared the exam to their own country’s driving practices.

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“99% of American drivers would fail this drivers test if asked to take this test cold turkey,” a user commented.

“Similar in Taiwan. The parallel parking has to be done in one shot, no back-and-forth. If you fail twice, you are out,” another user shared, uploading a photo of the driving course.

Another user jokingly shared a video of the driving conditions in Indonesia:

However, some users found the purported exam’s requirements impractical when it comes to everyday driving.

“Driving is not a matter of moving a car right left front or backwards! IT IS ALL ABOUT DEALING WITH OTHER DRIVERS IN TRAFFIC AND PEOPLE AROUND !” one user emphasized.

“That’s nice. Road test on actual roads with actual cars is a much better test to see if a driver is prepared to drive,” another user argued.

As of this writing, the viral video has accumulated over 11 million views and 180,000 likes.


Featured Image via @TansuYegen