Viral Video Leads to Charges Against Fort Jackson Soldier

Jonathan Pentland has been arrested in connection with a viral video that appears to show him shoving a Black man with a medical condition.

Video Transcript

TERACE GARNIER: More protests are planned for the days ahead with the largest coming this Saturday. And the white soldier seen shoving a Black man, he's been charged with assault. Outside the home of 42-year-old Jonathan Pentland, demonstrators gathered with signs and megaphones to denounce what can be seen in this video. The Army drill sergeant and his wife telling a Black man he doesn't belong in The Summit, a predominantly Black neighborhood near Columbia, South Carolina.

JONATHAN PENTLAND: You're in the wrong neighborhood, mother [BLEEP]. Get out.

TERACE GARNIER: The man saying he was just taking a walk when it escalated.


- Ooh.

JONATHAN PENTLAND: You better walk away.



LAWRENCE NATHANIEL: When the white man stepped off his property onto a public sidewalk to harass a Black man, that's where it went wrong.

TERACE GARNIER: Lawrence Nathaniel, an organizer with Black Lives Matter South Carolina, is encouraging more demonstrations.

LAWRENCE NATHANIEL: Right now, Black people cannot call for just equality. We have to call for liberation, to be liberated from the system that we have currently been under for the past 400 years. And, yeah, we see progress, change. But those progress and change hasn't been significant enough to stop a young Black man from getting shot or to stop people from harassing young Black people as they walk through their own neighborhoods.

TERACE GARNIER: The Richland County Sheriff's Department confirms it responded to a call of an altercation in the neighborhood. They say people in the area complained a Black man had been approaching them in a threatening manner leading them to ask the sergeant first class for help. But police say the victim had an underlying medical condition when the confrontation occurred.

LAWRENCE NATHANIEL: As an individual, if you see someone that has a disability and you have people yelling that he has a disability, then why would you harass him? And the thing is, why is because they're easier targets to harass.

TERACE GARNIER: Leaders at Fort Jackson, where Pentland works, are also conducting their own investigation. Pentland has been arrested and charged with assault and third-degree battery. And as far as the protests, they will be held on South Carolina's capital state grounds. Terace Garnier, Newsy, Washington.