Viral video shows safari driver keeping his cool in the face of a charging elephant

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A video of an angry elephant charging a safari jeep full of tourists has gone viral.

The video, shared to Twitter by Indian Administrative Services officer Supriya Sahu, shows a male elephant trumpeting loudly as he charges towards a Mandira safari jeep. The driver puts the vehicle in reverse and quickly drives backwards to escape.

Just as the elephant seems to get close enough to ram the vehicle, the elephant loses interest and walks away into the forest.

The incident purportedly occurred at the Kabini National Park in India.

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Many users praised the driver for his skillful backwards driving.

“Seriously the driver deserves [an applause] for his calm and composure. The reaction of the guy sitting next to the driver,” one user wrote.

“Damn total hats off to the driver,” another user commented.

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Featured Image via @supriyasahuias

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