Virgin Galactic bans Chinese tourists from space flights fearing espionage

Melbourne, January 27 (ANI): Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space flights has banned Chinese nationals from boarding it, as the officials fear that their rocket technology might get stolen, it has been revealed. Tycoons from China, who are willing to pay 250,000 dollars for the tickets, have been told that they cannot board the flights because of anti-espionage regulations in the US, reported. Virgin's craft has a rocket engine and is seen as a potential military technology by the US's International Traffic in Arms Regulations, which was introduced during the Cold War to bar people from China, Iran and North Korea from having access to weapons technology. A Virgin Galactic salesman based in Hong Kong said that they have received calls from people in China, but they have told them that people with a Chinese passport won't be allowed to go on the space voyage. The salesman added that the willing Chinese tourist have been advised to get another nationality's passport or a green card to board the flights. (ANI)