Virgin Galactic gives peek inside 'spaceplane'

With no less than 17 windows to give future space travelers a view from every possible angle...

plus- high-tech custom-fit chairs that strap in tightly for G-Force speeds...

and - a mirror in the back of the cabin to show passengers what they look floating once they leave the earth... Richard Branson's space travel company Virgin Galactic is preparing to make space tourism as luxurious as possible.

The billionaire entrepreneur's company revealed for the first time Tuesday what the inside of the space plane will look like when passengers finally get to take their suborbital flight to the edge of space.

The spaceplane, as it is being called, is outfitted with just six passenger seats, that will recline allowing more air space when passengers go weightless. And that's just the beginning, says Virgin Galactic's chief space officer George Whitesides.

"And so we're going to have this incredible thing where people have curated lighting during the launch period. And then that lighting will change as it goes up into space. And then when they finally get into space and can look down at planet Earth, the lighting will just fade to nothing so that people can just focus on, you know, the beautiful sight of our home planet."

Virgin Galactic has already sold out of its first batch of tickets, which cost $250,000 a ride for a 60-mile journey above earth.

The spaceplane has been outfitted with so much technology - that passengers won't miss a thing during the 90-minute trip.

"So we actually have 16 cameras in the in the cabin. And at any moment, at least two of those cameras will be focused on each passenger or crew member. And so people are going to be just really documenting their experience, as well in high definition stills and video, so that when they get down, they're going to be able to share that incredible experience with people on social and also get a special curated film of their entire space experience that will be building from all of these different camera angles."

By teasing the interior of the spaceplane, Virgin Galactic is trying to show it's making progress even though it has yet to announce when customer flights will begin.

It is currently in the late stages of flight tests.

Branson is expected to lift off sometime this year. But he's not the only billionaire in the race to space.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has Blue Origin and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has SpaceX, both companies have space tourism plans as well.

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