Virgin Hyperloop unveils company's cabin concept

Virgin Hyperloop, a company competing to develop high-speed travel pods that are more environmentally sustainable that other transit options, has unveiled its vision for the look of its cabins and stations. (Jan. 28)

Video Transcript

SARA LUCHIAN: I'm Sara Luchian, director of passenger experience at Virgin Hyperloop. And today, I'm so excited to release to the world our latest vision of what the passenger experience of the future will look like.

The production vehicle will hold up to 28 people in varying configurations. It will have a much broader diameter, so people will be able to stand up fully. But the idea is that this ride should be totally smooth and seamless. And our expectation and our requirements for the system is to impose not more than about two-- sorry, 0.2 Gs. We don't anticipate subjecting our passengers to anything more than 0.2 Gs of force because we can accelerate over a longer distance.

A passenger-bearing system is a matter of years, not decades, away. And I know that in part because I literally was the first passenger born on this system just a couple of months ago. What my hope is is that after seeing this video and, indeed, after riding in a pod one day, when people are able to in several years, that people feel a sense of optimism about the future.