Virginia Beach Del. Glenn Davis will try again for Republican lieutenant governor nomination

Marie Albiges, The Virginian-Pilot

Del. Glenn Davis, a Republican state delegate from Virginia Beach who ran for lieutenant governor in 2017, announced Thursday he’s running again for the seat in 2021.

Davis, whose 84th district include Princess Anne and Woodhouse Corner, was elected to the House of Delegates in 2013 and served on the Virginia Beach City Council for five years before that, representing the Rose Hall district.

“After seeing our struggles in Richmond firsthand, it is more vital than ever to have strong, common sense leadership guiding the Commonwealth toward serious solutions,” Davis said in announcing his candidacy on social media Thursday.

The lieutenant governor job is a part-time position, presiding over the Senate — which Democrats currently control by two seats — and voting to break ties. But the four-year position is largely seen as a launching pad to the governor’s office.