Virginia Beach police bodycam video shows moment officers shot man while he was stabbing his wife

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The bodycam footage showing the moment two Virginia Beach officers shot and killed a Virginia Beach man at his home in September is only 22 seconds but it’s intense.

The video was released Thursday afternoon by Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney Colin Stolle as part of his office’s investigative findings about the Sept. 6 death of Refugio Reynaldo Olivo Jr.

Stolle concluded that the shooting by officers Z. Kubera and R. Ruszas was legally justified. The officers’ first names were not released in the report.

Olivo, 49, was killed at his home on Garrison Place in the city’s Lynnhaven area.

Police had been called by one of Olivo’s sons, who told a 911 operator his father was drunk, hit his mother and threatened to kill her. The first officer arrived at 4:24 a.m. and others soon followed. Olivo was pronounced dead at 4:59 a.m.

While both officers involved in the shooting reportedly had their bodycams on throughout the incident, Stolle only released a 22-second portion from one of the officers.

The clip starts with one of the officers standing near a door and moving something to the right. A large hole in a wall can be seen.

A flashlight is then seen shining onto a door with a large hole above the knob. Another officer comes into view and the door is thrown to the side. Inside the room, a person — presumably Olivo — has their arm wrapped around the neck of a woman in a striped dress and appears to be stabbing her in the abdomen.

“Drop the knife,” a voice can be heard yelling, while others repeat the command. Next, five shots are heard in rapid progression. The woman is then led out of the room while officers call for a tourniquet for her.

According to Stolle’s report, the officers directed Olivo to drop the knife at least eleven times.

When they first arrived, Kubera and Ruszas remained at the bottom of a staircase while Olivo was at the top with a large kitchen knife and some type of bladed object in the other. Olivo repeatedly told them he wouldn’t drop the knife and that he was “ready to die,” the report said.

Olivo then starts stabbing a bathroom door where his wife has barricaded herself inside. One of the officers says to the other, “If he gets in there with those knives we’re going to have to take him.”

Once Olivo gets into the bathroom, the officers run up the stairs. Olivo’s wife can be heard begging him not to hurt her, the report said. That’s when the officers removed the door, fire inside and get the woman out.

The couple’s 14-year-old son told police afterward that Olivo had accused his wife of having an affair and getting pregnant. A toxicology test performed on his body showed his blood alcohol content was 0.17 percent and he also had cocaine in his system, the report said.

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