Virginia Beach police officer charged with assault after ‘use of force incident’

A Virginia Beach police officer has been charged with assault after a “use of force incident” that occurred in February.

According to police, Jemarr Mosley, 24, has been employed as a sworn police officer with the Virginia Beach Police Department since 2021. He has been suspended, according to the department, and is currently on administrative assignment. Mosley is charged with misdemeanor assault in connection with a Feb. 9 incident in the 1000 block of First Colonial Road, but police did not describe what events led to the incident. The identity of the victim also has not been released.

After the alleged assault, a use-of-force investigation began. Police said the review “identified concerns” with the Mosley’s actions, and the department’s Detective Bureau opened a criminal investigation. Upon conclusion of the probe, the bureau conferred with the Virginia Beach Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney, which agreed that criminal charges were warranted.

“Upon the review of the facts surrounding this incident, it is my assessment that our officer used a level of force that was neither reasonable nor necessary, and that he strayed outside of his oath of responsibility and training. I applaud the officers who immediately stepped in to intervene,” Police Chief Paul W. Neudigate said in a statement. “I take no pleasure in the fact that this officer faces criminal charges, but it is vital that we hold our profession accountable for misconduct.”

Eliza Noe,