Virginia Beach postpones short-term rental regulation vote

A vote on prospective Virginia Beach regulations that would limit opportunities for Airbnb and other short-term rentals was postponed until July 6 by the City Council.

The City Council listened to speakers on both sides of the issue Tuesday night during a lengthy discussion. Some supporters of the ordinance represented neighborhood groups that complained about loud noise and other nuisances in properties used as short-term rentals. Some opponents of the restrictions were property owners who rent out homes for short-term periods. They called for a compromise without overrestricting the rentals and limiting options for tourists.

Airbnb and similar rentals often are homes rented out as an alternative to staying in a hotel.

Under the proposed zoning changes, a person would not be able to open new short-term rentals in parts of Shore Drive, Oceanfront and North End. There also would be limits on the number of rentals in certain neighborhoods: North End would be limited to 10.6% of its homes being used as short-term rentals and East Shore Drive would be limited to 11.5% of its total homes.

Short-term rentals in some areas would have limits on the number of contractors they can have every week and would be subject to new health and safety rules.

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