Virginia GOP mails voters explicit flyers about Democrat Susanna Gibson

WASHINGTON — Two weeks before Virginia's Nov. 7 election, Virginia's Republican Party has sent voters flyers including explicit content about Democrat Susanna Gibson, who is mired in a sex scandal as she runs for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates, NBC affiliate WWBT of Richmond reported Tuesday.

Gibson allegedly livestreamed sex acts with her husband on a public pornographic website before she became a candidate. The flyers, which warned on the envelopes that "explicit material" was enclosed, included alleged screenshots and quotes from Gibson about sex, as well as excerpted text from news stories on the scandal, WWBT reported.

The mailer envelope says the flyer was paid for by the Republican Party of Virginia, according to the station. It also included a warning in red lettering: “Do not open if you are under the age of 18.”

Susanna Gibson (Susanna Gibson campaign website)
Susanna Gibson (Susanna Gibson campaign website)

The bottom of one of the flyer pages reads, "Virginia deserves better."

Gibson's campaign did not immediately reply to a request for comment. Her campaign released a statement saying the mailer was an attempt by her Republican opponent, David Owen, and the state GOP to try to "distract voters from their extreme agenda to ban abortion, defund schools, and allow violent criminals to access weapons of war."

"Voters are tired of these desperate attacks, and they will not be fooled by them," the statement continued. "From day one, Susanna has been focused on protecting reproductive freedom, fully funding our schools, and keeping our communities safe. Nothing will ever deter her commitment to our community.”

The state GOP’s chair, Rich Anderson, said in a statement that the mailer countered what he said were Gibson’s false claims that the Virginia Republican Party leaked her publicly accessible videos, WWBT reported.

“The mail piece corrects her false statements using already-published mainstream media news accounts and Gibson’s own public words as documented via her videos,” he said.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, told the station that he had not seen the flyer.

"This candidate's personal life is something that that candidate needs to explain to people, and the Democratic Party needs to have an opinion on this," he said.

The state GOP, Youngkin and Owen's campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In a statement, the communications director for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, Abhi Rahman, bashed “Republican smear tactics.”

“Desperate Republicans know they’re losing so they’ll do anything — even this disgusting invasion of privacy — to turn it around,” Rahman said. “One thing is clear: the party of ‘family values’ is no more.”

Gibson, a nurse practitioner, has listed protecting reproductive rights, improving the public education system and preventing gun violence among her priorities in her campaign for the state’s competitive 57th District seat. Owen has listed lowering inflation and crime, as well as improving the education system, as some of his priorities on his website.

The House of Delegates is closely split between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans hold 48 seats, Democrats hold 46 seats, and six seats are vacant.

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