Virginia sheriff is concerned about this prison: 'You failed this community'

Once a bustling agricultural center, most of the storefronts in Lawrenceville, Virginia now sit empty. "This is a poor county, this is country, farm, agricultural county, doesn't have a lot of industry," Brunswick County Sheriff Brian Roberts said. Brunswick County does have one major economic lifeline: Lawrenceville Correctional Center - a level three state prison. "I do not want the prison to close. This is a small community, impoverished community, we do not need to lose any jobs," Roberts said. Roberts started working for the Sherriff's Office in Brunswick County 25 years ago, the same year the Lawrenceville Correctional Center opened. "In the first half of life of the prison, it was an asset," Roberts said. But recently, Roberts said, the prison has become a liability. Problem Solver Melissa Hipolit investigates.