Virginia to up virus testing capacity amid surge

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has announced plans to significantly increase the statewide COVID-19 testing capacity, as coronavirus cases continue to surge in the state and across the country. (Nov. 10)

Video Transcript

RALPH NORTHAM: We're seeing a rise in cases and in percent positivity, which is now 6.2% statewide. And we're also seeing a rise in our hospitalizations.

This is very concerning, especially because it is getting colder. The holidays are approaching, and the temptation to gather with other people is high.

We're announcing contracts with three labs to participate in our new One Lab network. One Lab is our coordinated COVID-19 lab-testing system. It allows us to increase our testing capacity specifically to support high-priority testing campaigns such as community testing in surge areas, outbreak investigations, and testing in congregate settings such as our nursing homes. This network will allow us to add about 7,000 new tests per day by the end of the year.