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Thursday 28, May

Your ruling planet switches from Gemini to Cancer today, bringing a major change in your thinking pattern for the next few months. This is a more important sign-change than usual thanks to the retrograde that will begin in mid-June. Mercury will spend quite a long time in your social zone - it's your major focus during the next few months.

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Wednesday 27, May

The Moon is hovering in your dream zone for the next few days, so indulge in some inwardly-focused time to yourself, Virgo. You're often caught up in being in service to others, whether that's your family, your co-workers, or your neighbors. Take a few moments to honor your own needs and desires without being beholden to anyone else.

Tuesday 26, May

Your ruler Mercury is in a bit of a row with Jupiter today, pitting your optimism against your tendency to be the most realistic person in the room. Part of you really wants to believe in something magical, but your rational side is having none of it. Meet somewhere in the middle, Virgo.

Monday 25, May

Now that the Moon is in Cancer, your social relationships are a major priority. If you hid out over the weekend and took time for yourself after last week's New Moon, it's time to get back to collaborating and sharing your ideas with a larger group. The more you talk about your goals, the closer you are to manifesting them.

Sunday 24, May

Your career moves are off the charts, Virgo. The Moon joins up with your ruling planet Mercury right at the top of your chart to make for an excellent strategy on the professional front. You have so many fabulous ideas and ways to take your status next level. No wonder you're always steps ahead of everyone else.

Saturday 23, May

Today's lunar influence is excellent for your imagination but hard on the part of you that loves details and focus. It's best to adopt a 'go with the flow' attitude, even if the specifics are not quite worked out in full. Trust that the vision is more important than the plan at this stage of the game - all is coming.

Friday 22, May

The New Moon is here and bringing the focus to your house of career. What new projects or ambitions are calling you now? Think about what you would like to achieve over the next six months, Virgo. You were born an overachiever but that's because you just love, love, love to learn. This is your best time to amp up your brainpower.

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