Virus attack cripples Travelex online services

Open for business... sort of.

Currency trader Travelex was serving customers on Wednesday, (January 8) but with its computers brought down by a hack attack it was using pen and paper to process transactions.

And, only if customers are actually there in its 1,200 or so locations worldwide.

A ransomware gang called Sodinokibi wants Travelex to pay $6 million, according to a UK media report.

The virus used is also known under the name of REvil.

The global blackout of its exchanges caused currency chaos for holiday and business travelers wanting online services, and disruption on other major platforms.

Travelex provides forex services for HSBC, Barclays, Virgin Money, and the banking arms of Tesco and Sainsbury.

It isn't the first to suffer such onslaughts.

2017 saw firms and organizations around the world - including Britain's National Health Service - hit by the "Wannacry" cyber attack.

Norsk Hydro was another high-profile victim last year. Its quarterly profits plunged as a result.

Travelex parent Finablr's shares were down almost 20% at one point after the news, hitting a record low.

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