Virus brings fear, empathy to Black funeral home

When the coronavirus hit California, the owner of Boyd Funeral Home in South Los Angeles initially declined to receive patients who died from the virus. But it became clear that Black communities were hit hard. So Boyd decided to make it work. (Aug. 14)

Video Transcript


CANDY BOYD: Today I handled the remains of A COVID person. Tomorrow I'll be handling the remains of COVID people. Next week I'll be handling the remains of COVID people. So the majority of my cases that I have in refrigeration now are COVID-19.

My business has increased about 40% since last year. We have-- we're in this pandemic and people are dying. The numbers are real. So they have to go someplace. I'm doing my regular cases that I do plus the COVID cases.


In the African-American community I think that we're going through a lot right now.

- My baby, my baby, my baby.


LINDA WARE: She was my baby. She's going to be laid to rest with me. It's like two graves over from my mom. So, good child, she was a good person. She'd loved everybody. And everybody loved her. And she's going to be missed, you know.

- It's real. It's a-- can't be-- the numbers don't lie. And it can't get any more real than this.