The Vision Project helps homeless in north Charlotte

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Two groups with different religious backgrounds came together to help people in need.

The event is known as the Vision Project, a collaboration between a Christian church and a Muslim mosque that gives away free meals and brand-new clothes to people struggling with homelessness. The church and mosque are just across the street from each other, and members from both places of worship met on Sugar Creek Road on Saturday.

Jibril Muhaymin-Rashid, a member of the Masjid Ash-Shaheed Mosque, celebrated the partnership between the two groups.


“We formed a partnership with the Good News Church, which is across the street from us, and they came up with the idea of the vision project to provide for the needy and the homeless,” Muhaymin-Rashid told Channel 9.

Pastor Robert Garland from Good News Church shared the supplies they were handing out.

“We have shoes, we have toiletries, we have anything that would accommodate those that don’t have anything at all or have very little,” Garland said.

Those who organized the event said it’s part of a common goal to improve the community and bring awareness to people experiencing homelessness in Charlotte.

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