Visit Philadelphia Launches New Marketing Campaign To Highlight Philadelphia Attractions

A return of tourists could get 30,000 laid-off industry workers back to work.

Video Transcript

- Springing out of the pandemic, the group Visit Philadelphia is launching a marketing campaign to drive visitors to the City of Brotherly Love this spring. The 11-week initiative called "Pack Light. Plan Big" is meant to highlight all of the safe and fun attractions Philadelphia has to offer. Tourism officials say, as more people receive the COVID-19 vaccine, they are venturing out on weekend trips. And the Visit Philadelphia folks want Philly to be the destination. A return of tourists could get 30,000 industry workers still laid off due to the pandemic back to work.

JEFF GUARACINO: It's emotional for us because when there's no visitors here, people aren't working. And that's people who have to feed their families, pay their mortgages. So all of these people who are here to see the bell in the Hall, they're helping someone right now tonight work at a hotel, work at a restaurant.

ERIK TRAVERS: People are starting to get vaccinated, and so, you know, it's-- we still have to do things safe and do it right. But to be able to reopen is great.

- For travelers, the initiative offers free museum tickets for hotel stays for local visitors. Parking will be free with visits to some museums and attractions. We'll post all of the information related to this at