Visiting PorchRokr this Saturday? Bring along this interactive map and band guide

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The Highland Square Neighborhood Association's 10th PorchRokr music and art festival will bring thousands of music fans to a nearly hundred-acre swath of Akron on Saturday, Aug. 20., with scores of musical artists appearing on stages big and small.

With an assist from the Highland Square Neighborhood Association, we've assembled this Google map to show you where you can enjoy live music, shop, play, eat, visit community booths and park the car for a free Metro shuttle ride (with flyer).

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Zoom in on the map to see performance sites and more. Here's a list of the locations, bands and times:

Main Stage — 88 S. Portage Path

12 p.m.: Indre (Indie)

2 p.m.: Chanelle Kazadi (Alternative, Hip Hop, Jazz)

4 p.m.: Angie Haze (Alternative)

6 p.m.: DETENTION (Alternative, Pop, Punk)

8 p.m.: The Beyonderers (Alternative, Heavy Metal, Indie, Punk, Rock, Surf)

Beer Garden Stage — Will Christy Park

11 a.m.: Dr. Riffs (Heavy Metal, Progressive, Rock, Surf)

1 p.m.: Fatback Mango (Funk)

3 p.m.: Colorvine (Rock)

5 p.m.: Galactic Satan (Blues, Heavy Metal, Rock)

7 p.m.: The Super Babes (Pop, Rock)

Will Christy Park Stage

12 p.m.: Firestone HS Band (Folk/Americana, Jazz)

2 p.m.: Rubber City Ukes (Country, Folk/Americana, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Surf)

4 p.m.: Uptowne Buddha (Alternative, Hip Hop, Indie, Jazz, Soul)

6 p.m.: Black Beanz and Nepali Hot Pepperz (World)

40 S. Rose Blvd.

11 a.m.: Kodachrome Babies (Pop, Folk/Americana)

1 p.m.: Christopher Soulsby (Blues, Country, Rock)

3 p.m.: Craig Rich (Alternative, Indie)

5 p.m.: Terry Ellis (Blues, Country, Folk/Americana, Jazz)

87 S. Rose Blvd.

11 a.m.: Jeff Klemm & The Letters (Alternative, Indie, Pop, Rock)

1 p.m.: Twin Atomic (Rock)

3 p.m.: Wo Hop Madness (Alternative, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, World)

5 p.m.: The Shoehorns (Blues, Folk/Americana, Indie)

90 S. Rose Blvd.

12 p.m.: One Fine Day (Pop)

2 p.m.: THE WOOVS (Folk/Americana, Indie, Reggae, Rock, Soul)

4 p.m.: The Labra Brothers (Alternative, Blues, Funk, Rhythm and Blues, Soul)

6 p.m.: The You Suck Flying Circus (Indie)

116 S. Rose Blvd.

12 p.m.: The Full Flavor (Blues, Progressive, Rhythm and Blues, Rock)

2 p.m.: Frameshifter (Heavy Metal, Progressive, Rock)

4 p.m.: Big Pop (Indie, Rock)

6 p.m.: Honeyland (Alternative, Blues, Pop, Rock)

50 Metlin Ave.

11 a.m.: Language (Punk, Rock)

1 p.m.: The Modernes (Alternative, Blues, Country, Folk/Americana, Rock)

3 p.m.: Bwak Dwagon (Indie)

5 p.m.: Peanut Butter Troll (Alternative, Progressive, Rock)

92 Dick Ave.

12 p.m.: Rye Valley (Blues, Country, Folk/Americana, Rhythm and Blues, Rock)

2 p.m.: D. Airy (Hip Hop)

26 Borton Ave.

12 p.m.: Wake Magnolia (Alternative, Rock)

2 p.m.: The Brown Liquor Band (Blues, Folk/Americana, Rock)

4 p.m.: The Southside Choir Boys (Punk)

6 p.m.: Model Rockets (Alternative, Indie, Rock)

45 Borton Ave.

11 a.m.: Rock Salt & Nails (Folk/Americana)

1 p.m.: The Porch Sheiks (Blues, Folk/Americana)

3 p.m.: Summit Sky (Folk/Americana)

5 p.m.: Swap Meet (Folk/Americana)

7 p.m.: Hunter Skeens and His Forerunners (Folk/Americana)

73 Borton Ave.

12 p.m.: So Nectar (Alternative, Pop, Punk)

2 p.m.: Cult Kids (Rock)

4 p.m.: Like Tyrants (Alternative, Pop, Punk, Rock)

6 p.m.: MAGIC ALEX (Rock)

52 Marvin Ave.

11 a.m.: ASAVA (Rock)

1 p.m.: Eighty-Sixed, Kid (Alternative, Indie, Punk)

3 p.m.: The Kahuna Kings (Surf)

5 p.m.: I Hate It Too (Alternative, Rock)

7 p.m.: The Fiddle Revolt (Alternative, Indie, Rock)

80 Marvin Ave.

11 a.m.: Cody J. Martin (Folk/Americana)

1 p.m.: Wood Air Metal (Classical, Jazz)

3 p.m.: Wreck Like Me (Folk/Americana)

5 p.m.: Lord OLO (Hip Hop)

7 p.m.: Cool Blue Planet!

121 Marvin Ave.

12 p.m.: The EffanGee Band (Blues, Folk/Americana, Rock)

2 p.m.: Shelby Olive (Indie, Pop)

4 p.m.: Church of Starry Wisdom (Alternative, Blues, Funk, Indie, Pop, Punk, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Soul)

6 p.m.: Coup De Grace (Indie)

948 Jefferson Ave.

11 a.m.: The Liquid W’s (Punk, Rock)

3 p.m.: High Moon Hermits (Folk/Americana, Funk, Rock)

5 p.m.: Josee McGee (Progressive, Soul)

7 p.m.: Marcus Waine (Alternative, Indie, Rhythm and Blues)

963 Jefferson Ave.

12 p.m.: Murda Mar (Hip Hop)

2 p.m.: Duo Decibel System (Indie)

4 p.m.: Antenna Familiar (Hip Hop)

6 p.m.: Eily Orcko (Hip Hop, Indie, Jazz, Soul)

1041 Jefferson Ave.

12 p.m.: Boy Future Guitars (Alternative, Indie, Pop, Rock)

4 p.m.: Patty no! (Alternative, Rock)

6 p.m.: Nooch (Funk, Progressive, Rock)

1049 Jefferson Ave.

11 a.m.: QS Jazz (Blues, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Rock)

1 p.m.: Houses & Hotels (Alternative, Rock)

3 p.m.: A Band Named Ashes (Folk/Americana)

5 p.m.: Captain Toenail (Rock)

7 p.m.: Curtains (Pop, Punk, Rock)

752 Ardmore Ave.

11 a.m.: Lake Irie (Reggae)

1 p.m.: The Twanglers (Folk/Americana)

3 p.m.: RED ROSE PANIC (Funk, Hip Hop, Rock)

5 p.m.: Half Past Late (Alternative, Punk, Rock)

7 p.m.: I Know (Rock)

777 Ardmore

11 a.m.: Blue Hour (Folk/Americana, Indie)

1 p.m.: The First Days of Spring (Alternative, Rock)

3 p.m.: Drag Daze (Alternative)

5 p.m.: The Tenants (Blues, Country, Folk/Americana, Punk, Rhythm and Blues, Rock)

7 p.m.: Brave Arrows (Alternative)

818 Ardmore

12 p.m.: The Bon Scotts (Alternative, Indie, Punk)

2 p.m.: Hobo Phantasm (Alternative, Progressive, Punk, Rock)

4 p.m.: Bike Cruise (Alternative, Punk)

6 p.m.: Soleo (Heavy Metal, Progressive, Rock, World)

827 Ardmore

11 a.m.: Harmony Star (Alternative, Indie, Rock)

1 p.m.: Akronauts (Alternative, Punk, Rock)

3 p.m.: Rent For Cheryl (Blues, Jazz, Pop, Rock)

5 p.m.: Wattever (Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock)

860 Ardmore

11 a.m.: Alec and the House Plants (Alternative, Blues, Funk, Progressive, Rock)

1 p.m.: Olivia & the Bells (Alternative, Folk/Americana, Indie, Pop)

3 p.m.: Brian Lisik (Alternative, Rock, Soul)

5 p.m.: BC Hudson (Blues, Folk/Americana, Rhythm and Blues, Rock)

7 p.m.: DreamStates (Alternative, Funk, Pop, Rock)

837 Elmore Ave.

12 p.m.: Davey Squires & Friends (Alternative, Jazz, Rock)

2 p.m.: Pnue-City Jazz Quartet (Jazz, Progressive)

4 p.m.: Outdated View (Alternative, Blues, Folk/Americana, Rock)

6 p.m.: Glass (Rock)

862 Elmore Ave.

11 a.m.: The Cleveland Orchestra (Family Performance – Classical)

1 p.m.: MASSIVE HOTDOG RECALL (Alternative, Heavy Metal, Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock)

3 p.m.: xtra crispy (Blues, Rock)

5 p.m.: Axon-Neuron (Progressive, Rock)

7 p.m.: Kompass (Progressive, Rock)

890 Elmore Ave.

12 p.m.: Samantha Grace (Indie, Rock)

2 p.m.: Tuscarawas River Band (Indie)

4 p.m.: Kiss me deadly (Indie, Pop, Rock)

6 p.m.: Human Nature (Reggae)

41 Corson Ave.

12 p.m.: Pitch Blend Quartet

2 p.m.: The Mickeys (World)

4 p.m.: Funeral Proposals (Alternative, Indie, Rock)

6 p.m.: Bethany Joy (Indie, Jazz, Soul)

104 Corson Ave.

12 p.m.: The Baker's Basement (Funk, Indie, Rock)

2 p.m.: The Grievance Club (Alternative, Punk)

4 p.m.: 1402 (Alternative)

6 p.m.: Shame Chamber (Indie, Rock)

784 W. Market St. — Annabell’s

12 p.m.: Proper Faces (Indie)

2 p.m.: White Lighter (Indie, Punk, Rock)

4 p.m.: R.S.D. (Punk, Rock)

6 p.m.: Roid Rage (Rock)

801 W. Market St. — Ray’s Pub

11 a.m.: Stick Namler (Punk, Rock, Surf)

1 p.m.: Empty Coats (Indie, Rock)

3 p.m.: Supercop?! (Heavy Metal, Progressive)

5 p.m.: 12oclocktribe (Alternative, Indie, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Soul)

804 W. Market St. — Barmacy Bar & Grill

12 p.m.: Eleni Naomi (Jazz, Soul)

2 p.m.: The Cabin Sound (Folk/Americana, Indie, Rock, Surf)

4 p.m.: A Band Called Applesauce (Indie, Rock)

6 p.m.: Katy Robinson

920 W. Market Street

11 a.m.: Mick Rogers

1 p.m.: Anna’s Anchor (Alternative, Indie, Punk)

3 p.m.: Sad Harris (Alternative, Hip Hop)

5 p.m.: Madison Cummins (Folk/Americana, Indie, Pop)

7 p.m.: Lauren Brabson (Folk/Americana)

958 W. Market Street

11 a.m.: The Got It Got It Need It (Rock)

1 p.m.: Glass Bones (Alternative)

3 p.m.: Ben Gage Band (Blues, Folk/Americana, Rock)

5 p.m.: GHOST SLIME (Alternative, Punk, Rock)

7 p.m.: Griphook (Punk)

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