Visiting Walt Disney World soon? You may see President Joe Biden’s twin on stage

Is that President Joe Biden at Walt Disney World?

Next time you go to Magic Kingdom, you may see the 46th president of the United States on stage. It’s his Audio-Animatronics double.

Disney Parks announced on its blog this week that Biden’s robotic replica will join past presidents in The Hall of Presidents, open since 1971 at the Central Florida theme park. Disney closed the theater to make changes to add Biden to the stage. Disney Imagineers are finishing up for an August debut. The reopening date hasn’t been announced.

Biden’s figure will take its place as the headliner of the attraction, with past presidents behind him. On a table next to him, visitors will see peach blossoms and a pair of Ray-Ban shades on a table beside the president. These items symbolize Delaware, his home state, and his trademark sunglasses.

Using a recording of President Biden’s voice, creative teams at Disney programmed an Audio-Animatronics figure “just as Walt envisioned” that will give the presidential oath of office, according to the Disney Parks Blog.

The Hall continuously operates a 25-minute show that details American history and the nation’s founding with speeches from presidential replicas. You can hear Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address booming through the theater. The previous update to The Hall added Donald Trump when he became president more than four years ago. Visitors can hear a speech from him as well, according to Disney.

“Almost 50 years later, the story of liberty’s leaders continues to be told and retold to new generations as Walt Disney originally envisioned,” the blog said.

The current president usually gives a speech during the show, but when Trump became president an online petition sprang up to persuade Disney to keep the new president silent, The Associated Press reported. The effort didn’t work, and Trump, or at least his robotic twin, kept on talking.