Visitors flock to one of Germany’s oldest Christmas markets

STORY: The market has some 170 stalls selling crafts such as Christmas stars or wooden figurines and foods like the traditional Nuremberg grid bratwurst and Nuremberg gingerbread.

"This is a prerequisite for the Christmas spirit. Today is the kick-off meet for Christmas. Without this Christmas market, Christmas is almost non-existent for me. It was a disaster during the corona period when it had to be cancelled, so I'm very, very happy. I come here every year. I'm from Nuremberg and I'm at the opening every year," said market visitor Reiner Peipp.

Along with the Dresden Christmas Market, the Nuremberg Christmas Market is one of the oldest in Germany, with its origins reaching back to 1628 and likely even earlier.

It ends on Christmas Eve, December 24, when Germans traditionally celebrate Christmas.