Vitalii Kim and General Dmytro Marchenko announce "certain results" in Mykolaiv region

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The Head of Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration Vitalii Kim and General Dmytro Marchenko, who is in charge of defending the region, announced "certain results" soon and promised to talk about that then.

Source: Vitalii Kim, head of the Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram

Quote from Kim: "General Marchenko is in the hero city of Mykolaiv. We are working, there is enough work for everyone.

What we do – I can't and shouldn't say, because it interferes with.

And I'm sorry, I will say that there will be no comments by Dmytro Oleksandrovych (Marchenko - ed.) in the near future, until certain results are obtained. We will see then."


  • At the end of July, it became known that Dmytro Marchenko, Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who was in charge of defending the Mykolaiv region until April, returned to Mykolaiv Oblast to perform a number of tasks.

  • Ukraine plans to liberate Kherson by the end of the year – Major General Dmytro Marchenko.

  • Hanna Maliar, Deputy Defence Minister, said that the military should not talk about the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and journalists should not ask them about it.

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