Who is Vivian? | Dunk Bait

LaJethro Jenkins and Seerat Sohi get to the bottom of the mystery that took over NBA Twitter: just who is Vivian and does she actually exist?

Video Transcript

LAJETHRO JENKINS: So let's talk about Vivian. Please explain the situation to me, and the rest of the world, and what is your-- what have you come up with?

SEERAT SOHI: There was a Lakers super fan that had apparently gone missing. Her name, Vivian. I mean, I feel weird giving her a name, now, knowing what we know now.

- That Vivian is not a Vivian.

- Vivian went missing. Lakers Twitter was all over it, you know? You had the Lakers themselves putting Josh, Josh Toussaint, who will be the subject of this conversation, in touch with-- you know, they were getting in touch with their security trying to find her. You had O'Shea Jackson Jr., Ice Cube's son, tweeting about this. You had NBA Twitter just going crazy, like, hey, where is this girl?

You had people thinking about driving out all the way from San Francisco, and you had people really out of the goodness of their hearts figuring out that there was something very shady going on here. Because people started calling the cops, and there was no missing persons report filed. They were like, who is this? We don't really know what you're talking about.

And then from there, it turns out that Vivian was not actually a real person. Vivian's account is an amalgamation of, like, three different women over the past 10 years it seems like. There might be more, but that's pretty much what the Twitter detective, which men, like you guys are doing a great job, have figure it out so far. And we really don't know who or what Vivian is. But Josh, who had tweeted out that she was missing, and then said, also, that she had been found is the guy that most people think was actually running the account.

- Hmm.

- It got really funny, because we were like, oh yeah, they're having conversations with each other. They're literally, like, maybe recording podcasts together. Two different people on Twitter use voice change apps to try to figure out if he used a voice change app to make himself sound like a woman--

- Wow.

- --in order to record this podcast.

- Wow.

- You also had Kevin Durant, Kevin Durant, King of Twitter, chiming in, in a Twitter spaces, talking to a guy that had been cat fished by Vivian, basically, just wondering when it was that the last time that man had been with a woman. I thought it was so funny that KD just straight came out and was like, yo, bro. When was the last time you had sex pretty much? Then we get--

- Bro, you know, it's a pandemic. Why would you put me on blast that?

- Yeah.

- That's so cold, bro. You can't be on the apps right now, dog. It ain't safe in these streets. Dang.

- Let's get to Josh, though. So Josh--

- OK.

- Josh had tweeted, you know, that he feels very betrayed, that he has also been duped by this Vivian account. There was a tweet that seemed like it-- and this is a problem with context on social media, right? He replied to a deleted tweet, saying me in West Hollywood in 90 degrees trying to find her. That seemed like it was a response to the question who found her. At which point, then everybody was like, dude, like you faked trying to find this girl. Do you have, like, a savior complex?

Like what's going on? Are you trying to act out, like, a situation, where you're the hero? Like did you watch Taken too many times? Like, I don't really know what's going on. It turns out that wasn't what he was responding to. It was more, like, a meme sort of response, like, yeah, that was me doing that or whatever, which I totally believe.

That's literally how people talk on the internet. Then he comes out with his friend, [? Reed. ?] They make an Instagram story together, sitting in the same car.

They're talking about how Josh felt like he had kind of an emotional connection to this person just as a friend, and they had done a podcast together. And the reason that I tend to believe this is because this account is over 10 years old, and for somebody-- let's say, Josh seemed like he's about probably in his mid 20s or so, right? For somebody to keep up this long of a con from being a teenager to now being in his 20s--

- Wouldn't you be tired at some point?

- Well, think about how many times your personality changes, and how many times your desires change over that period of time.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- I just don't believe that somebody would keep up with this for 10 years at that stage in their life.

- I think that's what happens when people get cat fished. They don't understand their reality. You know what I mean? Anyway, but that [BLEEP] was great, and it was funny. And regardless, if he is true or not, I think it was hilarious. We all needed that.

- I hope everyone involved in the situation is OK.

- Yeah, that's what we hope as well.

- Spiritually, mentally, physically. There's a lot going on.