Vividly colored birds frequent this simple peanut feeder

Back yard bird feeders are becoming increasingly popular as people spend more time connecting with nature. And they are spending more time at home lately. Enjoying the colours and the musical calls of the songbirds has helped people appreciate what is around their home. This nature enthusiast has been putting out seeds and peanuts for the local wildlife for years. Two of the most beautiful visitors to this feeder are the cardinals and the blue jays. Vid red and striking blue, these birds are a welcome sight as they gather their share of the peanuts and fly away with them. But this bold blue jay takes his peanut to the edge of the feeder and hammers away until he cracks the shell and gets a nut out. He stuffs it to the back of his mouth and then picks up another peanut in the shell and flies off with both. The blue jays are surprisingly clever, sometimes taking two or three peanuts at a time. They call to each other loudly as the feeders are filled and they take over the platform. The other birds seem to take a back seat when the jays are loading up. Although feeding wildlife is generally controversial, experts have suggested that songbirds, particularly in winter, could use a little help from their human friends. Habitat loss along migration corridors has left them unable to make the long journeys successfully. Harsh winter conditions also pose a serious risk to those birds who stay for the winter. Putting out a little seed for them will not only help them manage, but it will make out winters a little more colourful and enjoyable too.