Vivienne Posch Shares How to Unlock Your Inner Genius

Your inner genius is the potential that lives inside of you, abounding in your subconscious, just waiting to be embraced and unlocked. The problem is that so many people will ignore this genius and carry on with life as normal, in an effort to find comfort and stability. They will trade their potential for a stable paycheck, while accepting a mundane reality that brings them anything but happiness.

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If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that life is short. Allow your inner genius to blossom and grow into what you were always meant to do on this earth.

Your Inner Genius and Its Purpose

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Your inner genius is part of a collective fabric of consciousness that all human beings share. Your inner genius is no more superior than the person down the street. Yet, the most prolific thinkers, innovators, and inventors of our world are the ones that allow themselves to engage with their inner genius by saying yes to opportunities that would otherwise be scary or intimidating to other people.

Vivienne Posch gave into her inner genius years ago when borrowing money to fly to the United States and take part in a leadership-training on coaching and entrepreneurship. She was very advanced in pregnancy at the time and working as a tailor. But she knew that she needed to learn more about this training with the idea to be led into finding her genius and purpose in life, which led her to discover her true purpose: mentoring and helping business owners and entrepreneurs to unlock their true potential. She claims if she had never flown to Texas, she wouldn’t be here sharing her experiences today.

So how can you unlock this inner genius that’s just waiting to abound inside of you? Here are Vivienne’s 3 tips:

  1. Listen to Your Inner Voice: Our inner genius is constantly trying to talk to us. Some of us have gotten so good at ignoring it, that we don’t know how to even listen to what it’s saying to you right now. I want you to slow down, shut off your electronics, and close your eyes. Allow your mind to run rampant and think about the things that make you happy. What is it that brings you absolute and abounding joy?

  2. Think About Your Childhood: When you were just a kid, what kind of things did you do for fun? Did you draw? Play outside? Think like you are a kid again, before the criticisms of this world. Chances are, this is what still brings you joy today. Take these interests and practice them – grab a paint brush or buy a bicycle. Give into your childlike wonder.

  3. Connect the Dots: After a few days of self-discovery, allow your brain to connect the dots. If you love to paint, maybe you can show other people how to paint, or launch your own Etsy store. Sit down at Google and explore. Connect the dots so you can do what you absolutely love for a living.

Your inner genius is calling you to slow down and listen to it for a moment. It has never abandoned you or forsaken you. It’s waiting for you to stop everything and acknowledge your real, divine purpose.