Voice of the people: November 5 2023

President Donald Trump talks with voters after an NBC News Town Hall, at Perez Art Museum Miami, Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020, in Miami.
President Donald Trump talks with voters after an NBC News Town Hall, at Perez Art Museum Miami, Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020, in Miami.
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A second Trump term shouldn't scare us

What is so scary about second term of Donald Trump as President of the USA? Which one of his policies warrants this extreme level of fear? Did Trump encourage millions of people to enter our country illegally? Did Trump’s policy put the Taliban in charge of security as the US military and our allies left Afghanistan?

Which one of Trump’s policies caused Russia to invade Ukraine or caused the current unrest in the Middle East? Did Trump's policy place any mandates on Americans? Are high inflation rates, high food prices, high energy costs and high interest rates the result of Trump’s policies?

Is it a Trump policy that allows men to change their sex and compete in women’s sports? Is it Trump’s policy to indoctrinate our children in social values via public schools with no input from parents?  Is it Trump’s policy to react to climate change as though it was worse than nuclear war?

I too am afraid, but my fear is not from a second Trump presidential term.

Edward McDonald, Auburndale

Today's government leadership missing in action

Our current national Washington D.C politicians have been poor guardians of this country's legacy.  Additionally, we the people have not done our job since we are being absorbed by the odious multi-culture politically correct theories of socialism. We must recognize our $33 plus trillion national debt is still growing while our failed immigration policy(s) has divided our country and is transforming America into a bankrupt, multicultural, multilingual third world country.

Where's USA Government leadership today? Will our century's old USA remain a secure FreeMarkets, Constitutional Capitalist Republic beyond this open border progressive democratic socialist revolution? Every day corporate billionaire donors and their politically progressive business machines are destroying America's middleclass financial security?

Will 2024 Presidential Election votes be honestly counted? Are you concerned that our current administration and liberal congressmen have been influenced by frequent White House visits from George Soros' Open Society Foundation officials regarding US Policies?

It's time USA Citizens step up.  Vote to drain Washington's political tax wasting socialist swamps and bring back honest American independence. VOTE for a stable economy and secured borders. Return a conservative government administration to Washington D.C. that supports, recognizes, and represents all USA citizens, while keeping our constitutional freedoms secure.

Walt Back, Lakeland

Climate change is real, should not be politicized

Edward Longe is correct in his article “Driving Florida’s prosperity: Why tech innovation holds the key” on 10/29/2023.  But will tech companies want to come here when the summers are as blistering hot as this summer – or worse?  Will they want to set up shop in areas where their employees can’t afford home insurance due to threats of worsening hurricanes and storm surges?

Floridians need good paying jobs. They also need to have a livable climate. The most important new and innovative industries in Florida should be renewable energy, charging stations, and the electrification of industry and homes.

When DeSantis vetoed IRA funding, he turned away money to provide job training for clean energy jobs. He and his Republican “climate-deniers” also passed up a chance for $400 million of federal funding in a “Solar for All” program that which would have created thousands of jobs for Floridians, helped Floridians save on their energy bills, and make the grid stronger and more secure.

Climate change is real and should not be a partisan issue.  We can fix it if we act fast, but we all need to be rowing in the same direction.

Katherine Sutherland, Winter Haven

This article originally appeared on The Ledger: Voice of the people: November 5 2023