Volcanic Ash Settles on Plants in Barbados After La Soufriere Eruption

Ash from the La Soufriere volcano eruption on St Vincent traveled across over 100 miles of ocean and coated parts of Barbados on Sunday, April 11.

Roseann Haynes livestreamed this footage on Facebook that shows ash covering surfaces and plants. Haynes said the footage was filmed in the Waterford area of Bridgetown, Barbados.

The country’s meteorological service issued a volcanic ash warning on Sunday, reminding residents of reduced visibility and that additional ash may reach the island. Credit: Roseann Haynes via Storyful

Video Transcript

ROSEANN HAYNES: I don't know if you can see how heavy this thing is? Look at these. Look at how-- This ash is something else.

Look, this is so thick. Look at the thickness of it, and this is just on the rock.

The thickness of it. It's the thickness of it. It's so thick.

Look at that. Wow, that is volcanic ash, and it's still falling down now. That's how thick it is, and only starting from yesterday. [INAUDIBLE] my leaf.

Look at this. This is how the plants look. Just look at the plants, that's so dirty. This is broad leaf thyme. Now look at it. I can't even risk cooking with this this morning. Ah.

So who ends up in Barbados, that experience this, at least you have a look first, in advance. Look, that whole table is done. [INAUDIBLE]. This thing ain't easy but, somehow I'm enjoying it because it will provide some sort of nutrients for our plants. That is how I'm looking at it.