Volunteer from Canada who participated in Euromaidan killed in Ukraine

Hryhorii Tsekhmistrenko, a 28-year-old Canadian of Ukrainian origin who was a medical volunteer during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, has been killed.

Source: Canadian public broadcaster CBC News with reference to the father and brothers of the deceased

Details: Hryhorii Tsekhmistrenko was a Ukraine-born Canadian citizen. He lived in Kinistino, Saskatchewan, for years with his parents before moving to Port Alice, on Vancouver Island, his father, Vitalii Tsekhmistrenko, told CBC News from Kyiv.

Tsekhmistrenko, known as Greg to friends, passed away between the night of 14 January and the morning of 15 January, a volunteer soldier said. He also said that he was going to Kyiv for Tsekhmistrenko's funeral.

When asked to confirm Tsekhmistrenko's death, Global Affairs Canada said it couldn't provide any information "due to security considerations."

Vitalii Tsekhmistrenko said that he and his wife had come to Kyiv from Canada to celebrate Christmas with his son. They were all together for the holidays.

Tsekhmistrenko's father said that Hryhorii arrived in Ukraine in January 2022, when hints of war started to show in the news. When Russia invaded Ukraine, he became a volunteer medic.

"He wanted to build a house on the water after the war," recalls the father of the deceased.

Recall: Hryhorii Tsekhmistrenko took part in Euromaidan movement in late 2013 and early 2014; his last name was on the list of activists detained by the police in February 2014.

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