Volunteer Firefighter Jared Lloyd To Be Laid To Rest

Volunteer firefighter Jared Lloyd died rescuing residents in a fire at an assisted living facility in Spring Valley. CBS2's Christina Fan reports.

Video Transcript

- Final goodbye today for a hero in Rockland County. A funeral will be held later this morning for firefighter Jared Lloyd, who died while rescuing residents in an assisted living center in Spring Valley. CBS 2's Christina Fan joins us live from Pomona where the service will be held. Christina.

CHRISTINA FAN: Well, Andrea, Jared Lloyd was a selfless hero in many ways. For nearly 16 years he volunteered his time as a firefighter in Spring Valley. And last week he ran towards a burning building without hesitation to save the residents inside, ultimately sacrificing his own life.

Jared Lloyd was known for lighting up a room with his smile. A friend, a firefighter, but first and foremost a father.

KEN CONJURA: He'd do anything for his children. He would do anything for anybody.

CHRISTINA FAN: And that's what he did until his last breath. The 35-year-old volunteer Spring Valley firefighter rushed in and out of the Evergreen Court home for adults on March 23, helping to rescue residents trapped inside. He went in one last time trying to rescue someone on the third floor but never made it out, separated from his team, including Eric Cich, who was hospitalized for smoke inhalation.

ERIC CICH: The pain in my lungs pales in comparison to the pain in my heart right now.

CHRISTINA FAN: Cich is the godfather to Lloyd's youngest son.

What are you going to tell his son when he grows up about his dad?

ERIC CICH: Your father died a hero. He died saving lives.

CHRISTINA FAN: The same feelings echoed by the godfather of Lloyd's other son Logan.

JOHN CONJURA: He made me a godfather to his kid to make sure if anything ever happened to him I was going to take care of him, which I'm going to.

CHRISTINA FAN: Lloyd was a volunteer with the department for nearly 16 years.

KEN CONJURA: He'd drop everything he had to do to come and make sure he was helping the residents. He's an all-around hero.

CHRISTINA FAN: A selfless man who made the ultimate sacrifice.

- This is a great loss, and that we're really going to miss him.

CHRISTINA FAN: And you can already see the hundreds of firefighters from various departments that have gathered here for the funeral service set to begin at 11:00 inside Palisades Credit Union Park. Officials tell us that the investigation into the cause of this deadly fire that claimed Jared Lloyd's life and that of another resident inside the facility remains ongoing.

Reporting live from Rockland County, Christina Fan, CBS 2 News.

- And we're thinking of his loved ones today. Christina, thank you.