Volunteer to spruce up an Idaho yard for someone who can’t during annual Rake-Up Nampa

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Autumn is upon us, which means the season for leaves to morph into hues of fiery crimsons, rich ambers and warm golds.

It’s a transformation enjoyed by many — until all those colors ultimately drop to the ground.

And then it’s time to bust out the rakes, blowers, leaf bags and most likely the Advil, because depending on the size of your yard (and number of trees), the task of stuffing bags on repeat is gonna tick off your lower back.

It’s a seasonal chore I dread every year because it’s difficult and leaves me aching, and I consider myself in fairly good shape. But the end result is oh-so-satisfying. Something about a pristine yard is just worth a chef’s kiss.

If only you could pass that feeling along to someone else who can’t do the work themselves.

Oh wait, you can! The annual Rake-Up Nampa event is Nov. 13, and it provides the opportunity to volunteer to help clean up the yards of seniors and disabled residents.

Round up a team of friends, family and/or work buddies to spend a couple of hours tidying up the lawn of someone who could really use and appreciate the support.

The deadline to organize a team is Tuesday, Nov. 2. Go to cityofnampa.us/161/Rake-Up-Nampa for an application.

For those interested in getting their yard raked for next year’s Rake-Up Nampa event, go to cityofnampa.us/161/Rake-Up-Nampa for information. To qualify, you must be a Nampa resident 60 or older — or disabled, no age qualification — and unable to do the work.

To become a sponsor, have an application sent, or for more information, call 208-468-5430 or email bothwella@cityofnampa.us.

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