Volunteers Looking To Help As Shelter For Unaccompanied Migrant Children Set To Open In Long Beach

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia said Friday that the city was working to set up a volunteer portal with links on the city's website in the coming days.

Video Transcript

- Tonight, there's a call for some local residents to help, as migrant children will be temporarily housed here in the Southlands.

- KCAL 9's Stacey Butler shows us the local facilities preparing to take in the kids.

JEFFREY JACOBS: After Katrina--

STACEY BUTLER: Oh, that's interesting.

JEFFREY JACOBS: Not-- not here--

STACEY BUTLER: Responding to a call to action.

JEFFREY JACOBS: That's the reason why I came here today to see if there's anything I could do to help.

STACEY BUTLER: Just after Long Beach mayor Robert Garcia tweeted the need for volunteers to help provide food, mental health services, and housing for 1,000 unaccompanied migrant children at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach local Jeffrey Jacobs walked up to the convention center doors to offer help.

JEFFREY JACOBS: Great thing that we can help. I'm very proud that we're doing that. I thinks it's a real good thing they deserve a break.

STACEY BUTLER: As the situation at the border grows even more dire, with 19,000 kids without parents or guardians, the Long Beach City Council responded to the federal call for help and offered the Long Beach Convention Center to temporarily house 1,000 kids.

MIKAELA MORRISON: And I think if you're able and you're blessed you should-- you should lend your arm, you know? You should-- you should give some help 'cause there's no telling what these children have been through.

SHELTON BLACK: It's good that the mayor trying to help out people in need. And I mean, they kids. It's like-- you shouldn't leave a kid out there if you know they don't have like-- if they-- their family not there for them, at least have-- you know, have some type of-- some way to help them out.

STACEY BUTLER: Not only Long Beach, but now the Pomona Fairplex is housing child refugees as well, but not everyone is in support.

- With that being said, we have over 500,000 homeless children in our own country that are living on the streets and are being neglected.

STACEY BUTLER: The federal government is expected to pay for the security and all the services provided here at the convention center. The refugees are expected to arrive within the next 10 days. In Long Beach, Stacey Butler, KCAL 9 News