Volunteers needed to 'adopt' Legacy High School seniors ahead of graduation

Brooklyn Dance, Daily Camera, Boulder, Colo.
·1 min read

Apr. 7—Residents have the opportunity to "Adopt a Senior" at Legacy High School, an effort designed to make the best of an atypical year.

Legacy High administration partnered with parents to create the program to recognize the class of 2021 "by spreading joy to our seniors who have not had the 'traditional' senior-year experience." The program matches a volunteer with a senior and provides the volunteer information about the senior so that he or she can create a customized gift basket or care package for the senior.

The deadline to apply to adopt a senior is April 14.

"We will match you to your senior student by April 18 and provide you with their name, address and information on their likes and interest," the volunteer form explains. "You then purchase gifts and deliver them to the senior's house during week of May 3. This will be a contactless delivery."

There are more than 500 seniors this year. Volunteers are asked to be as creative as possible with the gift, and the suggested cost is $20.

The interest form can be found at https://bit.ly/3fRzgQI. Volunteers will be asked for a name, email address, phone number and if he or she wishes to adopt a specific senior.