Volunteers needed for National Clean Up Day

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Aug. 31—National Clean Up Day is Saturday, September 17. Help our community shine as we prepare to welcome thousands of visitors to town for the World Chicken Festival!

Clean Up Day will begin at 9 a.m. that morning at the London-Laurel County Farmers Market. Anyone may participate. While groups are encouraged, anyone registering as a single volunteer can be paired with others or is welcome to work alone.

Volunteers will help earn funds for local registered nonprofits or school groups. Each volunteer participating in the cleanup will earn $20 for their group of choice, while helping to rid London of unsightly trash. Registration will be limited to 100 volunteers.

During past cleanups in London, many families have used the opportunity to bond together for a worthwhile cause.

Volunteer registration can be found at the link below:


or directly on the google form


Please don't be a litterbug and encourage your friends and family to do the same! Don't want to be a part of the organized effort? Feel free to take a stroll down your own road or street and send the photos to London and Laurel County Tourism.