Volunteers Plant Trees In Homewood In Honor Of Earth Week

Volunteers from One Tree Per Child Pittsburgh gathered at Oasis Farm and Fishery in Homewood to plant trees and learn about the environment in honor of Earth Week 2021.

Video Transcript

- In honor of Earth Week, children planted dozens of trees in Homewood today. The volunteers came from all over to plant the trees at Oasis Farm and Fishery, while also learning about how the environment affects our food.

TACUMBA TURNER: I think it's important, because we're so alienated from our food. And we have an impaired relationship with food that, I think, manifests itself in a lot of the health outcomes you see. So being able to reconnect not only with the land, but where your food comes from, learning about our heritage as it pertains to both things, I think, is very important.

- Nice job, y'all. The event was organized by One Tree Per Child Pittsburgh. A program that works with schools to help students learn about the environment by planting trees.