Volunteers shaping the minds and palettes of the next generation of artists

The Brazosport Center for the Arts is not just a place to appreciate art, it's a place where kids can come and learn to express themselves through art.

Video Transcript

- So many of us have been searching for fun and safe activities during this pandemic. Well, here's a way to also get in touch with your artistic side while you're at it.

- You can use lines vertical.

The joy of teaching for me is just seeing the creativity that these children have.

They're kind of carved, aren't they? So they're not a rectangle.

You can give them inspiration by master artists, but you also allow them the freedom to create their own artwork and explore.

How are you doing?

A lot of children, the parents don't allow painting at home, and this gives them a space where they get to actually paint, and they see new things to do.

- You get the freedom to do whatever you want, and then it's a way to relax from school and anything that I guess really stresses you out.

- You're just going to take the side of it and make sure there's no color.

Today, I'm teaching a kids art lesson. It's for ages 8 to 13. It's a beginner class for learning how to draw and how to paint, so they're learning drawing techniques and painting techniques that are based on the seven elements of art.

You're showing the apple slices between the lattice, aren't you? Very good work.

The very basics is needed for our young artists to learn how to draw, and to have artist eyes to see the world around them.

- Art is important because you can express yourself, and you can draw whatever you want, whenever you feel like it, and it's just fun.

- This is my second career, teaching art for the kids, because I feel like that's our future.