Volunteers sought to help renovate inside of Oklahoma City home

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Ann Felton Gilliland
Ann Felton Gilliland

A local church and Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity are teaming up for a home rehabilitation project in northeast Oklahoma City beginning Thursday.

More volunteers are being sought to ensure the project's success, said Debra Johnson, parish fellowship ministry leader at St. John Missionary Baptist Church. The project being conducted through Habitat for Humanity's Critical Repair Program is seeking volunteers for Thursday through Saturday and from Aug. 25 through Aug. 27. Volunteers can work any or all of the days.

Johnson said the homeowner is a member of St. John who previously lived in the home with her mother, who is now deceased.

The exterior of the home was recently refurbished through the City of Oklahoma City's Homeowner Exterior Maintenance Program, Johnson said. The coming Habitat for Humanity project will focus on the renovation and repair of the interior. Volunteers will work on kitchen and bathroom repairs, upgrades and flooring, among other things. All tools, equipment and materials will be supplied by Habitat for Humanity.

Ann Felton Gilliland, chairman and chief executive officer of Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity, said her organization is probably best known for its program that builds new homes for homeowners who fit certain criteria.

"We've been doing new houses for 32 years, so I think people do think of us more for new construction, but we're just as committed to our Critical Repair Program as we are about building new homes," she said.

Gilliland said the nonprofit's Critical Repair Program aims to help homeowners with various projects such as installing siding, trimming trees around the property, painting, replacing windows and cabinets, among other needs. If a bathroom floor is rotting out, they'll replace that, she said.

The agency director said the program is about eight years old and fills a critical need. Habitat for Humanity is on target to help 75 families with home repairs this year.

"There's really a great need in our community for it and we are really trying to increase the number of families we're helping in the next year and a half to get up to helping 100 families a year," she said.

Individuals and families are referred to the program and, like Habitat for Humanity's new construction program, they must complete a certain number of sweat equity hours if they are able.

How to help

For more information about the project, call 405-816-7493. To sign up to volunteer for the project, go to https://www.helpmyhabitat.com/need/detail/?need_id=717903. For more information about Habitat for Humanity's Critical Repair Program, call the nonprofit's office at 405-232-5592.

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