Volunteers tend to horses injured in U.S. fires

This scenic ranch in eastern Washington state offers more than mountain views and clear skies.

It's become a haven for wildfire victims: dozens of injured horses: all of them mares and foals caught up in the Chuweah Creek Fire just a couple hours' drive from here.

Volunteers have turned up to lend a helping hand.

"Some mares are worse than others. There's a lot of edema (fluid trapped in tissue, often from injuries) and swelling on their lower bellies. A lot of burns to their face, their nose, some damage to their eyes. And, of course, they're, all their coats are very rough and melted," Emily Nes said.

The horses are getting a cocktail of treatments including antibiotics, burn creams and cold-water baths.

A volunteer said that a local vet will be visiting to oversee their care.

Despite their wounds, these horses are among the lucky survivors.

Local medial reported that some of the most badly burned had to be euthanized.

The Chuweah Creek Fire was sparked by lightening a week ago and is still tearing across tribal lands.

It's one of dozens of major wildfires burning across the U.S. west fuelled, in part, by drought conditions and a recent heat wave.

All symptoms, scientists say, of climate change.

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