Volunteers try to rescue animals from rubbles

STORY: Turkish owners struggle to rescue their pets after the earthquakes

tapping on tins and shaking bags of food to take the animals to safety

Locator: Hatay, Turkey

(Sahide Nurgul, Survivor and cat owner)

"I have been waiting here for days desperately. I cannot leave anywhere. My cat is in there but not coming out - thirsty and hungry. I can't do anything and I am just waiting for help from you."

(Azat Kaan, Animal rescuer)

"It's impossible to enter that building because the whole structure is destroyed and we are looking now up the lift to look if the cats are there. There are two cats missing. If we can catch them, we're trying to catch them. If not, we will leave some food and we will come later back to see if the cat was eating that, because we know which floor and which room, so I hope there will be a chance."

In Hatay, the Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP) set up makeshift shelters to treat injured animals