Von Miller has about a 10-second news conference before walking off

Things are going really well for the Denver Broncos.

They’re 0-3, their general manager is on a media tour for a pharmaceutical company, the defense has not recorded a sack or turnover for three games in a row (first time since 1982, when sacks became a stat) and any excitement over the new Vic Fangio era is gone.

Star linebacker Von Miller has been mostly invisible on the field this season, and he pulled a disappearing act in his weekly news conference on Thursday after about 10 seconds.

This is fine.

Von Miller didn’t have much to say

Here are Miller’s comments before Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Don’t blink.

For those who don’t have the time to watch those nine or 10 seconds of Miller, he basically said he has good teammates, they have a good gameplan, he waved his hand and walked off.

Interpret that as you wish.

What was Miller’s message?

If you want to be optimistic, that was Miller’s way of showing he is focused on turning his and the Broncos’ disappointing season around.

Or, as Miller has started to hear speculation the Broncos could look to trade him, it’s a sign he has checked out. It’s not like he stuck around for reporters there to ask him about it.

Either way, the Broncos probably need a win on Sunday, just for some positive vibes in the building going into October.

Von Miller didn't have much to say on Thursday. (Getty Images)

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