Voodoo Brewing Company: Strawberry Paloma Margarita

Let's meet Jake Voelker, the owner of Voodoo Brewing Company as well as some of his employees for a great summer drink recipe!

Video Transcript

RICH WALSH: So if the burning rubber and asphalt of Indy had you thirsty, let's go to a hot place, whose cool craft beer and drinks has developed a cult-like fan base.

JAKE VOELKER: Perfect if you want to get real weird on a Friday night. It was an abandoned building that was left abandoned for approximately 20 years or so. We purchased the building in 2014, and immediately started building a pub. Voodoo is a mixture between food, beer, art, and music. We always have six year-round beers on. Those beers are familiar favorites.

Good Vibes, which goes perfect with some nice grilled fish. I personally enjoy it with spicy meatballs. Voodoo Love Child. It is tried and true. It's a fruited Belgian triple. Wynona's Big Brown Ale. Great this time of year for sitting around a bonfire when the sun goes down. We also have a bunch of mixed drinks that are all barrel aged. And then wine, beer, cider, and [? me. ?]

I got home from Iraq in 2010 and was kind of like, hey, what am I going to do with my life. I had the opportunity to invest at that time. It was my life savings. I always kind of jokingly say, I got real interested because it was from a lack of beer while I was in the desert overseas.

So it's kind of like, how do I get involved in something that I love, which I think it's pretty hard not to love beer. You can have something made by the big guys. But at the very end of the day, I think it's a whole lot more fun and interesting to buy something from somebody who can live right next to you.

ADDISON STEELE: Hi, guys. My name is Addison. I work here at Voodoo Homestead. And today, I'm going to be making you a Strawberry Paloma Margarita.

Our first step is adding 3 ounces of our barrel-aged tequila. Next up, we're going to do 1 and 1/2 pumps of our strawberry grapefruit infusion. Next, we just do one ounce of lime juice. Add some ice. Fill the glass. Shaker up. Strain over ice. Glass with a salt rim. Add a lime for garnish. And now you have a Voodoo Brewery Strawberry Paloma.