VOTE: Who makes the best ice cream in the South Sound?
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There are many places to get ice cream around the South Sound, but only so many that make the frozen treat from scratch.

In Tacoma, Ice Cream Social has become synonymous with the frozen cream since opening its first shop in 2013. Olympia holds strong with a few, including the newest entrant Humble Cow. Past the state capital, Olympic Mountain is basically a living legend.

We’ve come a long way, considering that for centuries — from its origins in the 16th century and growing affinity in 17th-century France, until icehouses were invented in the mid-1800s — ice cream was strictly for royalty and the accompanying elite. In 20th century America, soda fountains ignited our love affair with the scoop.

This Memorial Day weekend, we want to know who you think makes the best ice cream in our area.

The choices here are limited to those that produce in-house.

This list excludes shops such as Scoop! There It Is in Orting, Main Street Dairy Freeze in Sumner, Helen’s Donuts & Ice Cream and Dreamer Ice Cream in Tacoma, which source from various companies (including Olympic Mountain!). It also omits the few restaurants around town that make their own.

If we forgot one, please email TNT Diner.

So, which ice cream maker is your favorite? Vote below and we’ll reveal the winners along with a guide to each producer after the holiday.

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