New voter registration cards are being sent to Pierce County residents. Here’s why

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Pierce County voters can expect something new to arrive in their mailboxes in the next few weeks.

According to a news release from Pierce County, people will be receiving new voter registration cards. The cards are being mailed as a result of the 2020 census, which produced new political district lines across the county, according to elections manager Mike Rooney.

“With the 2020 census, the state performs redistricting for congressional and legislative districts, and our county council also reviewed the district lines and also drew new county district lines … so the lines get readjusted every 10 years on the census to align with current populations so the districts are nearly equal in size as far as population,” Rooney said.

The new cards are not needed to vote but will provide information to voters about the political districts they reside in, including congressional, legislative and County Council.

The cards will be distributed to about 550,000 Pierce County residents. The cost for mailing the cards is still undetermined.

According to the news release, voters are encouraged to keep their names and addresses current with the elections office.

“The one thing we do ask voters is to verify the information on [the card] and make sure it’s correct, that we have everything accurate,” Rooney said.

To update voter information, contact elections at 253-798-8683 or

This story was originally published by The News Tribune.